Shadow Fight 3 Hack 2018 – Newest Gems and Coins Cheats

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Shadow Fight 3 Hack 2018 - Newest Gems and Coins Cheats

Our Shadow Fight 3 Hack is finally here! Just watch the video and follow the steps until you see growing amount of resources! Have fun guys and also you can read some tips and tricks below (not necessary)

Tricks for Shadow Fight 3 That Will Blow Your Mind

Shadow fight 3 as the name suggests is a fighting game it is the 3rd sequel of popular series. This game is so popular and one of the top grossing game in the market. You can find many tips and tricks and even there are too many unauthorized hacks. This game is hard to play the game and in order to master it takes up much of your time. You can play this game anywhere if you have a compatible Device.

Here we’ve come up with few tricks that you haven’t come across and one can master them if you keep on up to date with these. So let’s get started-

Make a choice on your Movement

While you’re playing this game you should choose your movements wisely. You should learn when to attack and when to block. This doesn’t mean that you should only keep on blocking or simply start attacking. Use a mixture of all moves and it will help you in a long run. Blocking while the opponent is the computer itself can be easy and do this every time as when you’re blocking wait for the perfect moment and simply learn when to attack. Keep on repeating with different opponents and thank me later.

Let’s do a roll

Rolling while attacking can help you cover distance faster. You can do a roll by sliding diagonally downwards towards your desired direction. Rolling forward can be a bit more dangerous as you can come in opponent’s move while rolling back can evade attacks and you’ll be able to save yourself much faster. Eventually, rolling can be helpful if you know where and how to do it.

Kicking is also a Good Option

Instead of rolling forward, you can jump up you’re and make an aerial attack which is much more effective. You can kick while you’re making a jump and it will surely take up too much of your opponent’s health. Though dashing forward is much faster moving than rolling or jumping and this will make a good attack and yeah a safer one.

Making a good use of Shadows

As shadow is in the name then it would be awful if there is no use of shadow. So in order to use shadow energy you have to fill up the blue bar located down to your health bar. This can do miracles as this is something extra you get in the gameplay and it’s your superpowers. These can be helpful when used from a distance and you can simply dash towards your enemy and attack him using your shadow energy. As if you use it close enough to your opponent then it can be easily blocked by an opponent.

Gear up your Warrior

Gears are really a great tool when it comes to gaming and especially fighting. Gear up your warrior to enhance its performance. There will come a time when you can’t just defend computer at a certain level and the game itself will tell you to upgrade.

Spend more coins on upgrades than customization. Firstly try to use a better weapon that can work in a long run. Stick to that one and make upgrades on it and it will be better to use such weapons.

Bottom Line

This game as a whole is great to play and it gives us chance to fight strangers and learn great moves. Here mentioned above are some cool tips and tricks that you should be using to get your real player out. I hope these work out successfully for you guys.
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