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Fun Run 3 Online Generator <- Open

The Fun Runner is back ! Even if my device is still lagging, its still possible to play in arena even with the lag !

Hey ! I am The Fun Runner, a Fun Run 3 – Arena Youtuber !

My channel is here to help you and give you some tips and tricks about this game !

I will also give you many information about update, new map, new power-ups and more

And i am a Fun Run 3 ambassador! You can add me with : Henocqdfr#1 !

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Fun Run 3 Online Generator <- Open

How to Make a Generator that Runs on Wood!!! (wood gas gasifier) Experiment

Fun Run 3 Online Generator <- Open

(Wood Gas Gasifier) Buy stuff I use here-
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When wood is heated it releases a few different types of flammable gases, I use a homemade gasifier to extract these gases out of the wood, I first run the gas through a condenser coil to condense any steam and tar out of the gas, I then use a bubble filter to catch that water and tar and it also helps in filtering out some of the unwanted smoke, next the gas runs through a homemade filter to remove the last of the unwanted byproducts, The wood gas then runs directly into the air intake on the 25cc engine.
This was only my first test. It seems the wood was a bit wet and I also didn’t let the gasifier stay hot long enough, this caused the gas production to be very inconsistent and the engine to only run for a few minutes at a time.
I will do a second test at some point, subscribe so you don’t miss it.
Thanks for watching 🙂


Track: Laszlo – Fall To Light [NCS Release]


Track: Jensation – Delicious [NCS Release]
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Track: RetroVision – Campfire [NCS Release]
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Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/CampfireYO

Fun Run 3 Online Generator <- Open